I’m one button away from processing an invoice, only $150 invoice, but that $150 invoice is going to push me over a financial goal of monthly revenue.  The goal was never unrealistic to me. More unrealistic to others that don’t believe in what’s possible. Either way, so cool to know that it’s finally here.

I’ve been watching the days in the month. This is why I’m running just $150. Because we got three days left in the month and just $150 is enough to push me over this financial benchmark.

Here’s the thing, right? I do these goals for myself.  I’m sharing this video, not to brag… That’s why I’m not telling you what the financial dollar amount is, but hopefully some sort of motivation to log and celebrate your wins.

Examples of things I’ve done in the past is when I want to hit a certain annual revenue for the first time, then I would like go screenshot in the bank and save it to remember the first time hitting X figures.  And then when I did the same thing, maybe processed a certain amount a month or a week or a day and log these highs.

Now, instead of taking a screenshot (okay, I’ll probably take a screenshot), this time I want to celebrate it on video and you guys can join me.

Celebrate your wins.

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