I have a time machine

Like the infamous hot tub, this is a pic of a time machine.

I have a time machine

With its sleek looks, many people confuse it as a new Tesla.

’tis not

But it IS a time machine.

“That’s not a time machine” you may be saying.

Au contraire, mon frere.

This Delorean shows up (sans-Doc) and and I get two more hours that day.

Like clockwork, every 6 weeks this Zombie Apocalypse machine shows up, saves me from spending time keeping my dogs looking fancy, and I am gifted with those two extra hours to stay focused and productive on areas where time would be better spent.

One of the biggest hurdles I see entrepreneurs struggling with is time management. There are all sorts of time machines around you. You just have to see them as that.

In the summer there is the lawn mowing time machine. Every week a crew shows up, makes the yard look beautiful and saves me hours from mowing, weeding, trimming, and edging.

On any given day you could have a time machine in hiring a virtual assistant.

You may even be one of the millions that have discovered one of the most popular time machines in the world.


It saves you from getting dressed, getting in the car, wandering stores, waiting in line, and driving back home.

Once you put that into perspective there are endless opportunities to save time around you.

You deserve that extra hour with your family, that extra day off each month, that extra week traveling a year.

It’s a numbers game. Is it really worth driving to the store to save $1.47 on that thing when you just spent an hour of your time to save that $1.47? Are you really worth $1.47 an hour?

How much is your time worth to you? Anything that falls below your determined hourly rate, pay someone else to do.