You ever people watch? Humans are the ultimate juxtaposition. We’re all so different, but the same.  We’re all worried about different things. Yet, we’re all worried about the same thing…


people watching

How many times have you worried over what ultimately ended up being nothing?  Mind constantly running. Always wanting happiness, but too scared to temporarily get uncomfortable and struggle for that happiness.

People voluntarily dodge the hard things in life at their earliest opportunity instead of confronting them and pushing through for what is right or better.  Instead, choosing to take the “easy” path 1,000 times. But how is that faster or less painful?

Too fearful to try, people embrace “easy” and then settle for comfort in mediocrity.  The enemy in life isn’t the hard things. Comfort is your enemy.  The idea of comfort is what stops you from pursuing the harder things that would ultimately make you happier.

You know that cashier, or bank teller, or that other person in any position that you know just hates their job? You can see it in their face or feel it in their voice.  Or your friend that jokingly talks down about themselves to make others laugh. The self-deprecating jokes are sometimes funny, but you know deep down that they say those things to numb the pain. To divert attention away from acknowledging how they really feel.

The ones that I feel the worst for are those full of regret. But that’s a whole other post.

“One day,” they keep telling themselves. One day they’ll change for the better. One day they’ll pursue their passion. One day…

Screw that. I can’t remember the last time I said “one day.”  I got one life and I’m all in.

Hope you are, too.

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