Any time I get feedback from customers I try to document it and add to processes.

Doesn’t matter if it’s positive, negative, or neutral. There’s always value in feedback, and I always try to make that value evergreen.

Recently expanded this approach to leverage what customers say and sharing that with OTHER CUSTOMERS

Here’s what the attached example is… a lead asked for referrals. Understandable, that happens every once in a while. So years ago we started proactively putting the contact info of referrals that were cool chatting with leads on our behalf.

But the attached is what the referral reached out to me afterwards with to tell me what they shared with the lead. Now we put the attached in our proposals and welcome kits.

  • More relatable because it comes from their positions.
  • More impactful because of who it comes from.

It not only has great questions that leads should ask themselves before engaging with us, but also sets expectations of how the lead can maximize results; coming from a customer that’s been at the starting line like them.

customer feedback

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