Here’s how I got another $36k/year contract from one call with someone I’d never talked to before and $0 spent on ads…

People that say to charge for every second of your life are crazy. I mean, I get it… but “free” has (by far) been the most profitable form of marketing for my agency.

Instead of me charging someone for consulting, if I see they’ll take it serious I often will do it for free. Because I want to see others win.

I even take a loss to send copies of my book, gifts to celebrate their accomplishments (never swag), or even going out of my way to meet people in person.

That form of neutral or negative profit on a single transaction establishes trust and creates long-term relationship for recurring transactions.

I do what I call “day trips” every other month or two. Any time I see someone of influence or interest that I’d like to establish a relationship and they’re going to be in town at a neighboring state, I offer to fly to them and tell them exactly that.

“Down to meet? I’ll fly to you. No agenda. Just want to establish a relationship.”

how to get free leads

And it’s lead to countless business. You get to know each other in ways you can’t online, which establishes trust.

Just like this new $36k client. The guy that referred them to me… went to lunch with him on March 5, 2019. When the client needed what I offer, the lunch contact didn’t hesitate to make the intro.

After the first and only call, deal closed because trust was passed on. And I can already tell you it will go a layer deeper in the future. I’ll build the same kind of trust with this client and they’ll refer someone down the road, too.

I’d estimate that 75% of my seven-figure business was grown by giving away time and building trust.

Millions earned, $0 spent on customer acquisition ads. Only invested in relationships.

Delayed gratification is your secret weapon. Always play the long game.


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