Search engines love to rank you for content.

“But content is hard.” you say? You’re right. Here’s a tip.

Tapping into recurring holidays, events, etc. is a great way to come up with timely content, connect with your target audience, and conquer search engines.

Today is tax day so my team created this infographic to highlight the best and worst states for income tax for a recruiting client.

best states for taxes

click to enlarge

Did your state make the list?

Not only does this help you with search engines but, if done right, you double-dip and have a shareable image for social media.

I’ll give you a head start.

Here are some general recurring topics that you might be able to tap into for the remainder of April and on into May.

✅ April 21 = Easter

✅ April 22 = Earth Day

✅ April = National Poetry Month

✅ April = Stress Awareness Month

✅ May 12 = Mother’s Day

✅ May 27 = Memorial Day

✅ May = Mediterranean Diet Month

✅ May = National Bike Month

✅ May = UV Awareness Month