Here is how “free” becomes profitable. So much so that my company grew by 10% IN ONE DAY last week.

Doing things at no cost has easily become my most profitable form of advertising.

  • I spent two years painstakingly writing a book about search engine optimization. I give it away for free.
  • I spent months developing an SEO course. I give it away for free.

I recently did a live one hour webinar to over 200 registered guests. I gave away any secret anyone asked me about business, marketing, content, team scaling, annnnything.

grow your business

speaking at Utah DMC

No catch. No funnel. No sales pitch. No follow up. No list.

The result? Less than 24 hours later… a dozen “thank you” private messages, a lead or two, and half a dozen “I’d love to have you on my podcast” messages… which will repeat the cycle.

Goodness attracts more goodness. Positivity is infectious. One win welcomes more wins.

Do something meaningful and it will ripple on its own. Don’t look for rewards in perfection, but persistence.

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