Entrepreneur/business owner tip.  Never use credit cards.

Because you might end up getting 7 people to fly for free, like I just did.

airline rewards

Guess that’s not a bad thing after all.

Credit cards are not financial pits. Lack of financial control is what does the damage.

Money is not evil either. Inappropriate use of it is.

Debt and money are amplifiers.

If you’re not good with balancing finances, debt options like credit cards will make it worse.

If you’re not happy without money, having it won’t solve all your problems either.

Debt flexibility and money are tools.

🚫 Not tools for materialistic gains.

✅ Tools for freedom, to travel, to learn.

Don’t use credit cards for debt. Use them for rewards.

I just booked a flight for myself + 6 people for free. Well, the government adds in unavoidable security fees.

But the actual airfare and taxes… 100% free. All paid with credit card rewards points.

Everything that can goes on that rewards card:

👉 groceries
👉 gas
👉 entertainment
👉 utility bills

I have another rewards card for my company. Everything goes on that as well:

👉 expenses
👉 supplies
👉 software
👉 utilities

My total credit card debt? $0

I have no debt other than my mortgage. (Give me another year or two and that will be paid off, too.)

“But rewards cards have high interest rates.”

Yeah. So?

Did you know that if you pay off your credit card in full each month you pay 0% interest?

Be smart. If you can’t put all your expenses on a rewards card, put just what you can pay off in full each month. You’re going to buy your groceries and gas anyway. Why not get free miles or rewards for it?

Credit cards don’t own me. I own them.

Financial flexibility + deferred payments + 0% interest + FREEEEEEEE TRAAAAAVVVEEELLLLLLLL = 🏆

Then share the love. I’ve taken my friends, brothers, sisters, mom, mother-in-law, just about everyone to the ocean for free at least once.

The pic you’re looking at is the next round of me taking 5 more family members + me and my wife. Double bonus is that my wife flies free even without using points because of “companion status” having accumulated a certain total of points within a calendar year.

Of the 5 family members, one of them has never been to the beach. In fact, he’s never been on an airplane at all.

Reminds me of when I was first dating my wife. She had never been on a plane before either.

It’s a beautiful thing to gift those experiences to people, and to be able to take friends and family with you on trips like this.

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