How Helping Others Benefits Yourself

It’s too bad that the word “free” has been abused.  Because I like giving free stuff.  Free and actionable search engine optimization advice that took me 13 years to acquire. SEO tips designed to help others get their A-game rolling.

But sometimes you feel like people expect there to be a hidden catch when there is none. When you just enjoy the gratification that comes from helping others level-up.

“Damon, why give it away when you can sell it?”

There’s more to business and life than earning a quick buck or squeezing out every last dollar from a customer. It’s also about building long-term relationships.  And also because people need to know that they can have something better.

✅ to work with an SEO company that doesn’t sound like talking to a stereotypical used car dealer

✅ to know if SEO is right for them

⛔️ or if it’s NOT right for them

The relationships we build from helping others are better than $$$. (And don’t get me wrong… I love money as much as the next guy.)  And on the business side of the discussion, being transparent helps attract the type of customers that you want to work with any way.  Win/win.

How Helping Others Benefits Yourself

Don’t be stubborn with what you can share or who you can help.