How do you stay sane during insane times?

If this virus has taught me anything, it’s that I now know every single email list I’ve ever been added to as they email that “they care” and “are here for me.” 😆

Real care is shown by doing, not emailing. So I joined together with “Difference Makers” to bring a common message…


Difference Makers was started by Bunny Young, the founder of A Better Place Consulting. The goal of this group is to inspire others… NOT sell or push a product. So me and my new friends from Difference Makers Work Life Alignment talk openly about how…

  • it’s okay to feel uncomfortable
  • it’s okay to even be scared
  • it’s okay to be anxious
  • it’s okay to be happy
  • it’s okay to be sad
  • it’s okay to be confused
  • it’s okay to wonder what’s next
  • it’s okay to start something new

A space where empathy and inspiration can be shared and grow.

The discussion that I’m bringing to the table is on “having been through this before.” I took the leap of faith to be self-employed in 2007, only to be followed by the Great Recession in 2008.  I’ll soon be sharing my experience in hope of not only helping you weather the storm but to come out on top.

Until then, below is a clip of some of these Difference Makers; a crew whose mantra is “Together, we can make a difference.