A lot of benefits to being a high performer that’s found a reasonable level of success. Not as much talk about the disadvantages. One of the biggest ones is never being able to slow down.

  • Helped my son launch a business. “That’s a given” in my head. No self-recognition.
  • New SEO client. Congratulate the team, and onto what’s next.
  • New record revenue. Congratulate the team, and onto the next.
  • New accomplishment. Don’t slow down to appreciate it, and onto to the next.

Sometimes I look back and can’t wrap my head around how much I do. But in the moment it’s never enough.

Winning is awesome. “Must be nice.”

But the level of dedication and mental bandwidth is more than most could fathom. It’s a level most people don’t understand.

I can’t not be doing something. If it’s not work, it’s wife and kids. And if they’re off doing something when I’m off work and I’m trying to not work, I’m doing house work. 😂

Committing to the dedication needed to knock out more in a day than others doing a week or a month is the same reason others don’t try and don’t understand, making it unrelatable to both sides.

Trying to slow down and give myself time to appreciate accomplishments.

Like this week.

  • Sent a proposal to one of the nations largest franchises. And they own franchises upon franchises. Talking multiple hundreds. Mapped out scalable onboarding with the team.
    • The wins we could bring them are immeasurable, and it would be a fantastic client for our portfolio.
  • Sent a proposal to a respected influencer. Someone making a difference in the world.
  • Sent a proposal to one of the biggest people in the world. Literally. This is the one I can’t wait to hopefully announce. Giants supporting giants in their respected fields.

Next two weeks will be 🔥. And it’s “just another day.”

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