Big difference between people talking money and spending money.

I see more flack from posts talking about working hard, earning money and investing in experiences and memories for my family than just about any other topic. They’re nothing but positive, yet people come crying in the comments, “you shouldn’t talk about that!”


Because someone is insecure?

That. Is. The. Point.

To show what is possible. To inspire others to break their insecurity driven self-limiting beliefs.

Damon Burton

Ironically, the loudest critics are the ones posting pictures of their new Beemer or Lexus with a six year car payment. While friends with generational wealth are making impact with their money.

There’s a great quote that says something along the lines of “Whomever says money can’t buy happiness hasn’t given enough of it away.”

In the last week alone I:

  • Flew nearly thirty people around the world; a dozen of them it was their first flight… ever. First time seeing the ocean… ever.
  • Flew a terminal cancer patient, her husband and friends on a trip. When I heard her story I just felt compelled to do something for them, so we hit Vegas in style with a limo and suite at the Venetian.
  • Paid for my sisters wedding to gift her new family memories of their special day.

Half the time I lose track of how I’m helping people, because I just want others to be happy.

Often, I can give people more of an effort for their joy than they believe they can themselves. So I feel a constant desire to expose people to what’s possible.

THAT is the exact reason why more people should talk about what’s possible with smart money. To inspire others.

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