Had a client call concerned when March 2020 hit

They were asking if they should pause their budget.

“Pause,” not cancel.

We talked about the pros and cons and settled in the middle to temporarily decrease it.

They trusted me and didn’t want to stop, so I told them how we could pivot and maximize their budget to still get a return on investment.

I was candid that it may not be the home run they’re used to as people were tightening their budgets, but I wasn’t about to let them lose momentum nor cash their checks unless I knew they’d make their money back on it.

I held their hand and they stayed above water. Things stabilized so well that just a few months later they not only restored their budget… they doubled it.

I have a meeting with them so I was pulling info on where we’re at two years later.

  • They’re up 11% in organic the most recent quarter over last
  • Up 22% year-to-date over same time last year

Here’s where it’s nuts.

🔥 They’re up 333% over this same time over two years ago.

Had a client call concerned when March 2020 hit

They’re now averaging an extra ~5,000 qualified visitors every month.

Imagine if they had let fear scare them and the fat wallets they’d be missing out on had they not kept investing in SEO.