Doing SEO for 17 years, every few years we grow a client so substantially that they get acquired. Can be good or bad.

Acquisition just happened again.

After the new company takes over, they either want to stay out of the way and keep what’s going working.


They want to bring in “their guys.”

They always think their good ol’ boys can do better. But every time they end up tearing it down.

It’s sad to see all that success, growth, money and jobs you helped someone build vanish.

My client told me that the new owners had someone in mind for their search engine optimization. So they didn’t know if they’d keep my team.

Finally heard from the new buyers.

Their SEO guy they had in mind?

Me. 😆

They whole time the old owner and new owner were talking about how their search engine optimization company was the best, they were talking about my team at SEO National, and had no idea the other knew. 😂

Still a client.

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