Bought a property with mold, mice, and every reason to not buy it.

Everyone wants greener grass, but few are willing to work for it. Here’s a very literal story about no one caring about your dirt or your dreams.

Bought a lakefront property last year. There was an old, ugly trailer that’s been on this lot since the 50’s, full of all the nasty stuff above.  When I bought the property, I did so without even having ever seen inside the building. The sellers asked, “don’t you want to see inside?” Hard “nope.”

The lot was overgrown with weeds. The trailer was ugly. No one could see its potential, or at least no one wanted to put in the work to bring the dream to life.

After I bought it, paid a demolition crew to knock it down. Once the lot was leveled, I drove the 2.5 hours to lay grass… by myself. It was 90 degrees and humid. It sucked, but what good does complaining do?  This is life. What has to be done, has to be done.

Just like whatever opportunities are up for grabs in your life, no one else will go as far as you to bring your visions to life. Candidly, no one cares, and you shouldn’t blame them.  So, what are you waiting for?

Wishing and waiting isn’t going to get you anywhere. No one will care about what you did to make your grass greener. They just want to see it.

No one will care that the baggage of a beat up trailer was once on this property, nor will they care about the baggage in your life.

Do you want to wait and care what other people think, or do you want the green grass bad enough for yourself? For you and you alone?

I’ll make myself proud and lay that green grass… every. single. day.

But a funny thing happens once people see you trying. Then they’ll help. 

Doubters become believers. Haters become fans. 

People won’t do your work, but they’ll help you if they see you trying. It may be human nature to be lazy and ignorant, but it’s equally human nature to support fellow man.

Despite this property already doubling in value, it won’t be sold in my lifetime. I bought it as a source of life-long memories for my wife and kids. Because happiness is worth more to me than money, because I put in the work to make my vision come to life. Can you say the same?

Do. The. Damn. Work.

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