Been mentoring a 19 year old for about a year. He just made $2500 on his first deal.

Told him to work for free for his potential clients. Not forever, but intentionally for now.  Why?

  1. To perfect his craft (web design)
  2. To build a network
  3. To learn from his mistakes

Relationships bring sales. And giving a good faith effort is a fast way to establish trust and relationships.

After a few months into doing work for free he started to get the hang of building out a full website. Enough that he could charge $1500. Told him to charge $500.  Why?

Because when money starts to exchange hands, expectations are different. Recommended that he set clear expectations that he’ll over deliver on what he knows… keyword = “what he knows.”

He doesn’t know it all, yet. He can’t build it all, yet. But he can set those expectations.

Closed his first deal for $500. But because he over-delivered, the client asked him to invoice them for $2500.  His transparency likely landed him a customer for life that will also continue to send referrals long into the future.

It pays to set expectations, under-promise, over-deliver, and keep your word.

work for free

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