Forbes 3x in 6 days

Guess I lied the other day.  Posted that my bearded face was quoted in Forbes two times in one week. Here’s where I was wrong.

Ended up being three times in six days.

  • 13 Smart Ways to Inspire User-Generated #Content Creation (Nov 24)
  • 11 Excellent Ways to Use Case Studies to Convert Leads into Sales (Nov 25)
  • 15 Powerful Ways to Establish Credibility for New Businesses (Nov 30)

Funny thing is, I kept contributing to #Forbes with more great topics… but with no reply. Been featured nearly two dozen times but hit a dry spell. At least it seemed that way.

Then, BOOM! 💥

Better slower and better than faster and irrelevant.  Keep your head down and keep doing good if you know you’re doing good. May not be a dry spell, but a perfect storm brewing.

Forbes 3x in 6 days