Failures for Inspiration

Other people’s failures have taught me more than their successes.

❌ My last employer, with a beautiful wife and kids, was sentenced to three decades in federal prison.

From him, it solidified not being greedy, avoiding shortcuts, the value of the long-play, and family always first.

❌ Boss before him was a “family man” that did over a $1,000,000 a month; cheating around, and doing white lines at the company Christmas party.

From him, I learned how to not treat employees or family. I’m happily married 15 years and running my agency equally long, I’d put my team’s productivity and loyalty up against any company. No one ever quits, been invited to their weddings, and asked to be a godfather… twice.

You don’t need a guru. I’ve learned more from those that made mistakes than by being pointed in the right direction. No excuses.

Failures for Inspiration