The Reality of Entrepreneurship

This is what happens behind-the-scene, entrepreneur edition.  Full-time dad, husband, and business owner checking in.

I take care of my children. With my wife by my side, we make decisions in my family. And being the owner of a successful business, I lead my team.

But entrepreneurship isn’t always glamorous. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.  It’s finding your groove to maintain a happy household, loving family, and successful business. It’s squeezing in an extra hour of work at the kitchen table while:

  • everyone is asleep
  • with laundry next to you
  • and your kids’ toys on the floor.

The Reality of Entrepreneurship

It’s waking up a little bit earlier to do more than your competition and more for your customers. Yet, ready to stop where you’re at when your family wakes up, because daytime is reserved for them.

  • It’s strategizing for the next year… or 10, while everyone else is thinking about just today.
  • Sometimes, it’s turning on robot-mode to be consistent and ignore the noise, but remaining sensitive with a human heart.
  • It’s sacrificing a few “today’s” for the freedoms of several future decades.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Because by the time most start thinking about retiring, I’ll already be on the beach.

Happy 2020 my friends. Hope this is your year. Love you all.