Entrepreneurs, stop trippin’ over other people ruling your life.

Found out my son had a field trip next week. Problem… This one was short notice, and I already had 4 appointments scheduled that day, including some that were leads.

Usually, there’s 2 months notice so I can block off my calendar to prevent scheduling conflicts, and attend the kids’ activities.

Politely messaged everyone scheduled, one at a time, asking if we could reschedule, and explained why.

Guess what? No ooooone cared.

No one found in unprofessional.

No one ranted that they’re more important.

In fact, most had something nice to say, like, “Enjoy your son’s field trip!”

Good people will understand. They will be happy for you that you prioritize your family.

And, most clients will find it attractive. That you’re in control and value balance and maximizing your time. They’ll perceive that you’ll bring that dedication to everything you value, like your craft.

Even if they had complained… fantastic! Helps you know who to cut ties with faster.

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