Funny how there’s some exposure to imposter syndrome at every level.  Inspiring others inspires me, but it’s a never ending cycle of the hero’s journey.


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Challenging the beliefs of the current you in pursuit of a future you. You see new opportunities, new self-doubts reveal themselves, you conquer them and emerge a rockstar…

Only to start all over again, seeing new opportunities, revealing new challenges, and setting on a new path to a new you.

Despite knowing I live an amazing life, I want more.

❌ Not more things

✅ More experiences

✅ More fulfillment

I don’t think I’ll ever stop, and knowing there’s never an end used to be overwhelming. It was mentally exhausting to think about something that didn’t have finality.

Now, it’s exciting. You now have a gift of endless opportunities. Endless evolutions.

I’m not pursuing an end result. It’s such a gift to pursue constant improvement and to experience as much as you can experience in this life.

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