There are times when you need what hurts most, the truth.

Met a friend for lunch last year. They were considering launching their own business and asked if I could give them my opinion.  Understandably, they were hesitant about starting their own thing. But their potential was so great that I knew once they started they would take off.

helping the competition

Aside from the wildcard successes like Zuckerberg and Elon, most people that find success aren’t magic.  They start and, more importantly, don’t stop.

1 – Start
2 – Don’t stop

That’s it.

Entrepreneur successes are glorified on social media, as they should be. Maybe not excessively, but count your wins.  However, entrepreneurism also sucks some days. It’s slow, not fast. It’s hard, not easy.

But at what cost do you expect new freedoms and your best life ever to come at? You want it to just be handed to you? How little would you value it then?

At lunch, I asked my friend about why they were hesitant.

What makes you want to do this so bad?

  • I’ve been in this industry forever.
  • I’m good at it.
  • I like it.

Why don’t you do it then?

If you REALLY think about what’s stopping you right now, it’s not that thing you’re thinking.  It’s you.

To support someone means to care for them more than what they think of your opinion. After asking my friend for permission to call them out, I called them out.

❌ They were scared of… being scared.

It’s not your new idea that’s scaring you. It’s your old habits.  It’s the thought processes that you’ve shaped over your life that you apply to everything, ultimately limiting what you can reach in life.

Fast forward to today, only a few short months later, and they’re now thriving in their side hustle.  Funny thing is, they are in the same space as me, a direct competitor. And I encouraged it.

Helping people achieve better is more important than the idea of them being a threat to you once they have achieved it.

If there’s anything you’ve put off starting, here is my official “you’re an ass, Damon” kick in the pants telling you to quit making excuses. Because I care for you and your success at the potential expense of your opinion of me.