Want to go from zero to success?  Here is one of the easiest ways.


Documenting how you do what you do is among the simplest paths to success.  Attached is the mapped out process that my team takes when loading a new Outreach-based article to a search engine optimization client’s website.

What “Outreach” is and the details of the attachment don’t specifically matter for this post.  The goal in sharing this is to highlight the amount of detail put into building a process that is as simple as loading a post. Yes, all of these steps are “only” to add a new post to a website.  These steps are -by far- the biggest contributing factor to my company’s success.

Why three pages of detail for something so simplistic? Because my clients deserve results, not just shot-gunned content.  If you will do anything more than once and you want to do it right every time, build a process around it.

  • You’ll do that process better.
  • You’ll do it faster.
  • You’ll be scalable.
  • You’ll get better results.

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