Want to make a ton online? Daily, my team works with websites that do millions per year. Know which ones perform the best?

The dumbest ones.

Bland, simplistic, non-flashy websites crush it.

best performing websites

Why? Because they get to the point.

When was the last time you went to a website and thought, “that was the most visually amazing website I’ve ever visited? I’ll come back tomorrow.”


When was the last time you watched a Youtube video and thought, “that was the most amazing graphics I’ve ever seen in a cat video?”


Stop overthinking your online business. “Content is king” for a reason.

As long as the design clearly communicates what you offer, no one cares about the rest. After you communicate your value proposition, people blind out the design and focus on how your service (content) can solve their problems.

Don’t overthink your website’s design. Minimalism always (ALWAYS) outperforms fancy, never-ending design upgrades and features.
Want to increase your online sales? An on-going content/audience education strategy will give you infinitely more value than on-going web development.

How often do you go back to your favorite website to see what new bells and whistles they’ve added?


You go to see what content is new. Your customers are no different in how you can help them.

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