Officially checking out my Jr High-aged son from one of his classes, and home-schooling him for just one period.  He’s in a CCA class (college and career awareness). Sounds cool… Except, they only teach college.

I’m not anti-college. There’s a time and a place, sometimes. But I am anti-tunnel vision.

❌ College is the only way
❌ College has advantages… glossing over disadvantages (time, debt)
❌ No discussion of options, entrepreneurship
❌ Small business ideas are shot down in class
❌ Work/Life enjoyment
Freedom of time

Going to be helping him work on his business ideas.  He’s had a few, especially the last two years. Started bits and pieces, but I’ve 100% been the bottleneck.

I’ve considered home school for a while, but there’s always a tradeoff. This seems like the perfect scenario.

✅ He still participates in classes he likes
✅ He still gets social interaction
✅ I can focus on the areas I’m most excited to help them with; critical thinking and financial independence
✅ One hour a day every other day is a commitment I can realistically make, giving him full attention without stressing about other obligations

This is the beginning of something great.

home school

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