Just declined doing business with a billion dollar company.

This is kind of a first. The green sticky note is my notes from reading this contract. What I don’t want to show you is who this is.

Because they’re a cool company and they’re a big company. They’re valued at a couple billion dollars.

We’ve been going back and forth on engaging on SEO and I declined them.

What I’ve learned is that I’d rather engage with people that me and my team can support, and then that account can support us in return.

I’m over big money accounts that just create nothing but bad relationships.

Nearly every brag-worthy account that we’ve ever had, like these billion dollar companies and several of these hundred million dollar valuation companies, they’re almost always the most toxic accounts to work for.  There’s so much red tape to actually fulfill on the things that you need to do to drive a successful campaign.

You don’t have to sacrifice the types of people you want to engage with to be successful and grow your company in the way that you want.

These guys would be super cool to brag about and put their logo on our portfolio. But I have a feeling that somewhere in this agreement… I mean, it’s nine pages of 10 point font, single-lined legal jargon. And there’s crazy things in here, like limited power of attorney… for a vendor?!

So, stand your ground.

This isn’t a lost sale now…

This is a protected or better sale later.

I’ll bet money I’ll be posting about another billion dollar lead that comes around and aligns better by end of year.

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