Awesome or douchey?

Know what I love about success? It’ll let anyone that works hard enough get a piece of it.

Was in Arizona for three days of coaching. There were about twenty people attending these sessions.

Was one gentleman younger than me, one with gray hair, another dozen that were older than me; different heights, weights, and races.

Some were there to make more money online. Some were there to make any money at all. Others were there to learn how to spread the message of their calling further.

Everyone was so different. But what they all had in common was dedication. They were committed.

They all committed to blocking several days off their calendar to do nothing but this. Then more time traveling to get here.

My opinion? Closr deserves any closer/sales title he wants.

I never understood people that said they love sales. I thought it was just a front for people to trick themselves into thinking they’re happy at a job that I could never imagine loving.

I get it now though. He’s a master of sales. He has a system to the sales algorithm the same as I do for SEO.

He’s the same guy that closed me on paying his company five figures. The single biggest, one-time, up-front transaction I’ve ever made.

And after meeting him in person, he’s a great guy. And his company is equally great. Zero doubt that what we’re building out with him for SEO National will bring 100-fold payback on his five figure price tag.

Whether you like “Closr” or not… they’re committed to make success happen.

Do what you love. Your path in life deserves the same 110% commitment.

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