Ever have a client you’re on the fence about? Maybe they’re decent, but seem a bit dramatic?

When do you let one thing slide for the sake of growth? Do you allow two things? Which things are hard no’s vs flexible?

I got tired of making judgement calls, so I documented a decision making matrix for the team.

1 ) Have to pass all, hard no if not.

❌ drama/gossip’y
❌ financially unstable
❌ impatient to allow SEO to take effect

2 ) If first conditions pass, then have at least 4/majority of these:

✅ punctual
✅ can hold attention
✅ respectful (non-abrasive)
✅ coachable/marketing savvy
✅ organized (if not, do they have someone to delegate to)?
✅ humility (willingness to acknowledge fault if they’re the delay)
✅ not easily swayed by external influence/voice on marketing strategy

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