Many people take off work for Labor Day in order to rest and enjoy the last gasps of summer. The weather is often just right for hiking or playing at the park or hosting a barbecue party with family and friends. Entrepreneurs, however, often take a different tack. They know the demands of keeping a business afloat in a competitive market and don’t always take time off for rest and relaxation.


(Pixabay / Brahmsee)

While hard work is to be lauded, it’s important to give it parameters. In fact, walking away from work for a while is often an effective way to drive up productivity. Different studies have shown that employees who took days off from work improved their performance ratings. Vacations can help you catch up on rest. Without adequate sleep, productivity often plummets. Vacation days can also jumpstart your creativity, allowing you to return to work with better vision for your company.

Ways to Enjoy Labor Day

Consider these compelling reasons for taking off work—even if you own your own business:

  • Reconnect with loved ones – At the end of the day, it’s our relationships with others that count the most. As an entrepreneur, though, it’s easy to feel the constant battle between work and family. Labor Day provides a great excuse to set work aside and devote time to those relationships that are so crucial for long-term happiness.
  • Be a role model for your employees – A business leader can serve as a powerful role model to his or her employees, showing how to balance work and family life. When your employees are happy and well-balanced, they will be more satisfied and productive on the job.
  • Be a kid again – The life of an entrepreneur is full of pressures, but don’t forget what it was like to be a child, carefree and full of wonder and enthusiasm. No wonder kids are so energetic. Set your worries aside and do the things you enjoy most for the holiday. The challenges will still be there when you get back, but you’ll be better equipped to face them.
  • Hit the reset button – Everybody who is familiar with computers and other technological gadgets knows this: When the device malfunctions, hit the reset button. When the mind and body have reached their limits, the same thing applies. If you’re ready for a reset, that’s all the more reason to take a down day.

The working man and woman built this nation—but not without a little fun on the side. Treat yourself to some R and R for Labor Day.