Can you scale outbound calls with an overseas team?

Yes. Here’s are some steps you can consider.

Can you scale outbound calls with an overseas team? Yes.

Set up an account on for your phone system. This allows a virtual employee to do the outbound calling.

Import your leads/contacts into Zoho CRM. You can use this to queue your outbound calls.

If you’re B2B and don’t have leads yet, there are tools like to export a list of business contact info based on location, industry, or both. You can even use it to segment target/preferred cities first. Like if you wanted to start with LA first vs NYC vs your home town, etc.

Can you scale outbound calls with an overseas team?

Find someone on or If you prefer, conduct a Skype interview call to find someone with a neutral/American sounding voice. You can hire a reliable, full-time person in the Philippines for $750/month, give or take a few hundred.

If you spend the right amount of time qualifying/hiring then they kill it.

The people that I’ve used in the past for testing campaigns dialed non-stop, but we invested time ahead in qualifying them as good candidates.

In RingCentral you can see when the calls were initiated, how long they lasted, etc. You can sync RingCentral to Zoho and that way the next call is queued since you already imported your leads into Zoho. The VA’s in the Philippines that I’ve worked with would be on the next call in no less than 2 seconds after the previous call hung up. Straight 8 hours of non-stop calling. It was crazy to see in the logs.

Since it’s all in sync with Zoho already, you can then organize the leads based on their interest, set up automated followups if they’re not interested or semi-interested, kick out automated emails, etc.

As long as you provide the script for your outbound team, you can make this fully scalable and automated.