Funny thing happened on the way home from our cabin this weekend.

Took the kids up for one night. Just wanted to get out of the house.

Bought some golf clubs from the thrift store so we could hit some golf balls made out of compressed fish food onto the frozen lake.


(click to enlarge)

Also brought a few sleds so when we left we could hit these hills in the middle of the canyon that we always see people snowmobiling or sledding on. They have a great slope that slides into a valley for a long coast.

Hung out there for an hour then packed up.


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After all the kids were in the truck, the lady next to us said to my wife “weird question?” Thought was going to be about her hair. People always ask her about how she keeps her hair red.

“Before you leave, do you have a sled we can buy?”

That definitely wasn’t the question I expected. Especially from a group of 5 or 6 adults, no kids.

Not sure if it was because the question was so unexpected or just knew it was right, I went into zombie mode, not thinking, and gave her two of our four sleds. (The other two the kids got for Christmas, so those were off limits.)

As I walked the sleds over, it looked like they just had their best and worst idea at the same time when they asked for sleds. They looked stuck somewhere between not knowing how much money to offer for them… or realized they didn’t have cash on them.

Set the sleds on their tailgate and said “Don’t worry about it. Have fun.”

She just kinda’ stood there.

Then her friends stepped in for her, “She’s visiting from Florida and hasn’t…” Not sure what they were going to say, because the Florida lady chirped up “I’m gonna’ cry.”

Then my wife wanted to cry… and that was my queue to get out of there. 😆

As we drove off she said, “Aw, that lady crying made my heart happy.”

Good moment all around.

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