I just had a call with an international behavioral strategist and speaker on suicides, relationships and traumas call me from Australia to tell me that he admires my ability to communicate and connect with others authentically???

Me, just an SEO guy… Positively impacting someone whose LIFE is to positively impact others?  Yes!

Stop thinking you’re not special. That you don’t have something to say. That you can’t make an impact on the world.  The butterfly effect is real. From a simple chair in my home office… I am helping bring GOOD to the world by amplifying the message of someone that helps people with…

  • suicides
  • confidence
  • relationships
  • traumas
  • deaths
  • abuse

If “just an SEO guy” can help someone save a life by proxy, I’m pretty sure you can make a positive impact in the world too.

honesty in SEO

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