Business in the real world

As an old friend and fellow entrepreneur once said, sometimes business can go over “like explosive diarrhea in a crowded pool.”

Business in the real world

Being an entrepreneur is a juxtaposition.

You have more flexibility than most, but you work more than most.

Entrepreneurs are the only people to walk away from 40 hour work weeks…

To work 80 hour work weeks.

Social media gives you virtual high fives when you post your “working on the beach” pictures.

But we all know those are highlight reels.

If entrepreneurs posted their real vacation pictures… there wouldn’t be many.

Real pictures would be baggy eyes.

Wrinkled clothes.

Unkempt hair in a poorly lit room.

Many entrepreneurs up too early or too late to still be working.

Second-guessing themselves.

As they say, overnight success usually takes about a decade.

But it’s worth it.

Because you have a plan.

And you’re willing to work for what few others want to go up against.

Your big payoff will come.

So keep at it if you’re at it.

Or just start if you haven’t.

A few years of eating dirt is worth a lifetime of comfort.

Get to work.