This is why you don’t let bro marketers do site design or SEO.

Been consulting for this well-funded startup. Organic sales have increased from starting at literally $0 up to nearly $40k/month in just a few months.  We quickly outpaced their sales from social media, ads, and email… combined.  We were barely hitting stride, with sales possibly to hit over $100k/month by end of year.

But New Sheriff comes into town.  New Sheriff got in their ear and wanted things to be flashier.

  • More images and photos.
  • More animations.
  • More of more.

Except content. Less of that.

Threw out the design updates we had made to make the site load faster, and archived all the buyer intent based content that we researched, drafted, and published.

Bro marketing might work for PPC.  Flashy works on social media.  But bro marketing doesn’t work for search engines.

Now Google doesn’t understand their product.

  • Doesn’t understand why they’re better than the competition.
  • Doesn’t understand the value propositions.
  • Doesn’t understand what’s being sold.

Because you can only show up on Google for what it can read, and now there’s nothing to read.

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