I once had family talk behind my back. Well, a lot of times. But the moment I’m speaking of, they told my younger siblings, “Damon lives on credit cards. It’s unsustainable.”…

They said more, but I don’t remember the details because it was all toxic nonsense.

Sad because it was family.

Sad because their victim mentality had to try and weigh my wife and I down to their level of misery in a moment of our happiness. They said this when we bought our forever home 11 years ago and invited family over for dinner to celebrate with us.

Weirdest part is that when they said that I was and still am debt free. They literally just made it up so they could justify their lack of self-worth.

Hell yeah I rack up my credit cards. Love them points. It’s how I travel for free.

But it’s paid off in full each month. If you pay your card off monthly, the transactions are interest free, but you still get your points. It’s the whole “work smarter, not harder” mantra.

Here I am doing big things not just for myself, but for my family, friends and community. It’s what provided the opportunities to send this same person on many leisure flights of their own… which they always made sure to complain about.

This person, a decade later, still stuck in their self-limiting beliefs, still in debt, still broken, still miserable, still a victim.

Used to dream of $100k years. Now I spend more than that on expenses in a single month.

I broke the cycle.

It’s what gives me pride in little moments, like leaving the bank this day with a $100k unsecured credit line.

[click to enlarge]

I don’t even plan on using the credit line any time soon. I’m being proactive for big moves down the road, and big moves come from leverage. Big moves come from planning, not just leaving it up to the universe.

The more I accomplish the more it changes those around me more than myself. Don’t take it personal. Jealousy blinds people.

And at each accomplishment, don’t stop. Enjoy today, then move onto the next big thing tomorrow. Complacency is not for me. You never want “good enough.” You always have more that you can do.