Bought my first pair of Nikes, ever. Realized I had a mental block about them that I wanted to get over.

Growing up on the broker side, I knew I’d never have them.  I’d rock “Adidas,” but with four stripes on them. Not three.  “Nike’s” with jacked up swooshes.

Didn’t bother me much as a kid. But for some reason, I started having a weird resentment towards them the last few months as an adult.

I “hated” Nikes.

Only XYZ people wear Nikes.

Realized it was childhood me talking, justifying why I never had any.

Sounds superficial. But if you follow basic mindset, this is bigger than that.  This wasn’t just shoes. The shoes were metaphorical for a lot of limiting, childhood bullshit.

  • If something is taking up space in your head, tackle it.
  • If you think about something more than once, tackle it.

Otherwise, a little thought here and there turns into interruptions and distractions.  Little acknowledgements and changes are what set in big impact in motion. No matter how small it seems, tackle it.

You’re instantly a more free, better version of you.