Boost Your Company’s Productivity

Administrative Professional’s Day is observed each Wednesday of the last full week of April. It is devoted to the recognition of all administrative support professionals, a very important pillar of commerce and the overall economy. Administrative professionals play a significant role in running any business.

Boost Your Company’s Productivity

(Pixabay / ninabobo88)

If you are an administrative professional, here are some ways can boost your company’s productivity:

  • Set up online scheduling – It will require some time to set this up, but once it is established, scheduling will be a breeze. When someone wants to schedule an appointment, you can simply send them your URL link. The link will go to the calendar page showing your availability. Online scheduling will also let you set up automatic email reminders. Our online scheduler of choice is Acuity Scheduling.
  • Store, edit, and share documents online – Using Dropbox will allow you to save time that is typically wasted in emailing versions of your documents back and forth.
  • Put your notes in one place – You can streamline your processes by keeping your files in a single location. One tool that will allow you to do this is Evernote. This notebook has unlimited pages where you can save items using different formats, including typed, audio, and camera. It has a sophisticated search engine and can be utilized for tagging, allowing you to connect to different people and groups.
  • Organize and share your tasks and to-do lists – Consider the quirky named tool Remember the Milk. It integrates with Evernote and also has the same tagging functionality. This tool comes in free and paid versions and includes different list management tools, such as OmniFocus. Another excellent team task organizer is Asana.

Time is limited, but administrative professionals can help their fellow company employees use their time more effectively with a few helpful tools.