Not every day that you consult with a billion dollar company. Received this reply from Dollar Shave Club, a… billion… dollar… company.

Want big things? Take big action.

Every day I reach out to others and expand my network… just a little. Enough to continue growing, not enough to get distracted and behind.

  • Want to do business with that mega company? Why not reach out?
  • Want that job/promotion? Why not make your move?
  • Want to interview that celebrity? Why not ask?
  • Want to do that big thing? Why not start?

🔥 Want different results? Be different.

  • I give without expecting in return.
  • I still send handwritten thank you cards.
  • I send enterprise SEO clients welcome packages sealed with a wax stamp. (Yes, I legit heat up wax, drip it, and stamp it with a bronze seal.)

And I get compliments on those manual actions a 100x more than any traditional/automated marketing.

Want to reach a huge milestone?  Take a huge leap.

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