Where are my businesses with international/bilingual audiences? You’re leaving MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Check this out.  See the orange arrows?  The /th/ and /es/ stand for Thai and Spanish language pages. 576% – 1,623% increase in traffic to Thai and Spanish translated pages on this website.

bilingual SEO

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This client wanted to reach their audiences in other languages, so they were paying hundreds of dollars per page to be translated. The process was slow, costly, and because of time they were only able to translate maybe 1 in 10 pieces of content.

It was painful. So I presented a new idea. My team came in and:

  • set up an automated translation tool
  • translates all historical pages and any new pages immediately, in real-time
  • does a whole bunch of other technical SEO URL things that I won’t bore you with (canonicalizaiton and hreflang tags)
  • the tool costs less in a whole year for unlimited content than it did to have them do it manually before
  • accuracy rate is 99%. It’s so accurate that the client wrote back asking “are you sure this is automated? Because I shared it with our translator and he was blown away…”

Now their Thai and Spanish pages that averaged less than two dozen hits per month and now bringing in nearly a thousand extra visitors per month from a VERY targeted audience.

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