I’ve done SEO for 3 or 4 billion dollar companies.

I’ve optimized Shark Tank featured businesses.

I’ve worked with professional sports teams.

Just signed Tony Robbins.

But know who some of my favorite success stories are?  The little guys, and the mom and pop businesses.

This screenshot is from a family owned business.  They did decent, but were bleeding from Amazon’s cut.

seo increase

They wanted another option, so they invested in SEO.  They’re now up 102% in organic traffic in the last five months, and compounding faster the more SEO kicks in.

Jeff Bezos was literally quoted saying, “your margin is my opportunity.”

Amazon isn’t your friend.  Neither is Zuckerberg.

But your website is.

  • You keep the margins.
  • You control the upsells.
  • You own the customer list.

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