Instead of paying $50 for an oil change I pay $80 to have someone come to my house.

I “lose” $30 but gain twenty minutes by not having to drive there, another twenty minutes driving back, and the hour twiddling my thumbs waiting at the shop in between. That allows me to use those nearly two hours to bill full price while I work during the time that would have been lost otherwise.

Instead of paying $20 for a haircut, I pay $50 for it to be at my house.

Instead of $60 for a dog groomer, I pay $80 at my place.

I do the same in other areas, like mowing. I actually like mowing the grass. Gives me a little mental down time. But know what I like more? Spending time with my kids. So I pay someone to mow.

Whenever you trade your time for money you lose moments you’ll never gain back. Moments that can add up to further your career or business. Or moments that could be spent with your family.

Whenever possible, I buy my time instead of selling it to someone else. It’s always more profitable, professionally or personally.

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