Before I was online, I was on-air

Before I was online, I was on-air.

But then I let the dream job go.

Working on-air as a radio DJ for 7 years was an amazing experience.

So many people to thank for the wonderful opportunity.

I met famous musicians and artists.

Went backstage untold times.

Enjoyed the best parties.

Radio even played a large part in me and my wife’s relationship.

One of the radio station’s concerts was our first date

We’ve now been married for twelve years this month.

I took some time off in 2006 to plan my wedding.

Then starting SEO National in 2007, I never looked back.

While radio is the dream job of many, at some point I decided it wasn’t for me.


Largely because I didn’t like the instability that I saw others go through.

If your ratings aren’t cutting it you can be gone at a moment’s notice.

And if you’re let go you’re nearly 99% required to move.

There are only so many radio positions available within a market (city).

If you could stay, there are even fewer genres of radio stations that you may care to work for within that city.

With all the odds leaning towards a life of constantly relocating, a long-term career in radio just wasn’t for me.

And that’s ok.

The point is that other people’s dreams don’t have to be your dreams.

I have an eternal appreciation for the radio industry and for all the memories that it afforded me.

I worked side-by-side with amazing people that I still consider life-long friends today.

And despite how good it was to enjoy experiences that others would dream about…

It’s ok to let go of good to pursue great.