All good reasons, part being this pic…

Damon Burton car

1 ) Two weeks ago I flew to the other side of the country. Gary Frey invited me to speak at his event with 100 CEOs. You give people willing to learn + take action, I’ll give as much time as I have available.

Bonus: Gary is a new client and long-time online friend. Meeting in person always adds to a relationship.

2 ) Then flew for Russell Brunson‘s Inner Circle. It’s a group of accomplished entrepreneurs literally changing the world.

Know Alex Hormozi? He came into Inner Circle looking for the next level.

“If I could just make $20k month” was his goal. Dude is now aiming for a billion.

Grateful to be surrounded by people that constantly strive to better themselves, and give to others.

While most are busy chasing instant gratification, leading to a mindset based on short-term decision making, I love delayed gratification.

Let me go through the wrong jobs to expose what I like in life to pursue as a career. Now having owned an SEO agency SEO National for 17 years that provides for my family and 60 other families, the slow choice was the right choice.

Let me date the wrong people knowing that I’m the only one that has to decide if I commit. Show me what I need to see in relationships, good and bad, so I know what the right relationship looks like. Three kids later, I’m madly in love with my wife more than I would have thought was possible when I first fell for her 19 years ago.

3 ) Tonight brought a brief moment of calm and pride in this picture.

Rewards of dedication to each other to gift my wife’s dream vehicle for our anniversary last year.

Rewards of giving value to others to gift myself the other vehicle.

The pride just hit differently pulling up to the same place between errands. This is where we host our charity event in a few weeks.

Hottie and I are funding a Christmas event at historical Victorian house, reserved a Santa, bought hundreds of sugar cookies, and we’re aiming to buy gifts for 50 families.

Damon Burton charity

(If you know a family in northern Utah that could benefit, share this link with them.)

I grew up lower middle class. Disposable income wasn’t a thing. Probably why I’m passionate about helping others, because part of your emotions will always be that person you once were.

To all the naysayers of people with nice shit, look internally. Quit being jealous of the mirror reflecting your insecurities.

Most the people you’re raggin’ came from the same spot. They just did what they could to get out.  And 9 out of 10 of them give. A lot more than keyboard warriors complaining about them.  Redirect that energy for good, and make a positive impact on the world.

While I’m grateful for where I’ve come, I’m more grateful for what I’ve built. A life built by design.  Her and I built this.

See you when I come up for a breather in a few weeks.

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