Was waiting on a lead to jump on a call. Few minutes went by and I messaged to check in. 10 minutes later he checked in saying he could jump on in a bit. But we were schedule for 15 minutes, so we’d be over that time, had another call lined up and and wasn’t going to keep them waiting.

Asked him to reschedule. Was even polite about it. But, nah. World is on his time.

Mad at himself he couldn’t honor his word or communicate proactively. Was kind enough to include a dose of rhetorical sarcasm.

bad leads

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On his flip side, if you’re paying someone, you wouldn’t want that person to message and say “Can we reschedule? I know you pay me, but someone else is late.”

Can only imagine what his “unsent” messages said.

He sent a few more messages, one being “Maybe tell people if they are late at all they will get rescheduled…” because, “as I’m sitting in front of my computer with my thumb up my ass.”

Not everyone is a fit.  Don’t let it bother you.  Bad customers aren’t worth good mental space. Their vocalized frustrations are just their insecurity in knowing they dropped the ball.

YES, I am the type of person you want to spend thousands with when I value my time. It’s time you’re paying for so I want to maximize it.bad