This baseball is being donated to underprivileged kids across the world.

Randy Molland from Go Big to Give Big talked of philanthropy at Epic F.I.T. mastermind today.

He teamed up with nonprofit BaseballFace Cares to send sports equipment to places like Uganda and Venezuela to teach kids in tough conditions leadership, teamwork, and to inspire them to believe in themselves.

These kids play baseball with “gloves” cut from cardboard, with rocks as “baseballs.”

The surprise part Randy shared with the audience, and the reason for the pic… I… me?!… I unknowingly inspired Randy with a post I made a while back about the impact of being more personal on social media. People relate to people, not perfection.

Randy challenged the room to write on a ball that would be sent to these kids and share it online.   Damon Burton donation

Write something to inspire them.

Something when their heart is already exploding from touching a real baseball for the first time AND they see a message of what’s possible… that somebody believes in them. 🤯

I wrote “Do Big Things.”

Randy Molland

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