Americans celebrate Parents’ Day every fourth Sunday of July. Parents and parent figures serve as protectors, providers, teachers, confidantes and examples. Parent’s Day gives us a chance to honor their many contributions to our lives.

Balancing Work and Parenthood

(Pixabay / Olichel)

If you are a business owner and a parent, you may find it difficult to switch between the two jobs. Managing the competing demands of two critical and sometimes conflicting roles can be tough, but it can be done. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Automate business – Stop wasting time with social media. Embrace a tool like Sendible. Stop wasting time with task management. Streamline or embrace workflow automation with a CRM like Insightly.
  • Outsource business – All business owners wear many hats. Smart business owners outsource some of those hats. Stop wasting time with payroll. Outsource to a payroll service. You can delegate some of your tasks to employees or outsource them to contractors. For example, if you spend many agonizing hours on payroll, using external payroll services. It may not be as expensive as you think to leave it to the experts, and you’ll get precious hours back in your week.
  • Outsource your personal life – Outsourcing doesn’t have to be limited to business. Save hours per month letting the neighbor kid mow your lawn. Stop wasting time meal planning and let Blue Apron do it for you. Still want to hit the grocery store? At least order your groceries online to save time wasted in the physical store.

It takes conscious effort to balance being a parent and a business owner, but achieving a healthy equilibrium will result in better performance in both roles. Regardless of how busy you get, set aside time for your personal wellness, family and friends. If you need to see your doctor, make the appointment. Your business won’t do you or your family much good if your health is in ruins.