If your client is no longer happy with your business, they may take their money to a competitor. This can be a jolting experience—especially if you didn’t see it coming.

Clients Falling Out of Love With You

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Do your customers love your business?

You can keep a pulse on customer dissatisfaction and perhaps even convince clients to stay if you are watching for the following behaviors:


You may remember a time when your customers were very happy with your business relationship. Over time, though, they may start grumbling about everything from your speed of delivery to your product presentation. Figure out what the root of the problem is and resolve it before it grows.

Price questioning

Your customers will accept price increases if they believe that they are justified by the quality of your products or services. In business, there is always competition. You could be the original, but competitors will rise up. If they offer a better quality product or service at a lower rate, your customers could defect. Take note when a customer starts questioning prices.

Slow payment

Your finances depend largely on how your customers pay you. When customers are starting to pay late, find out what’s going on. Sometimes it is a sign that they do not want to continue a business relationship with you.


When you have a hard time reaching your clients, whether by phone or email, they may be losing interest in your company.

When you see these warning signs from your customer, pick up the phone and talk with them or, better yet, meet with them in person. If they seem to be moving away from your company, take steps to improve the relationship and keep their business. Sometimes there are major problems that can’t be solved, but often, there are simply small misunderstandings or disagreements that can be dealt with effectively, allowing you to keep your customer for years to come.

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