See these people in bold, and then a handful that I just clicked on that not in bold?

These are 50 job applicants in less than 24 hours.  (continue reading below video)

Everywhere we look we can see that there’s a labor shortage. There is some truth in some industries that there’s a lack of interest on the employees because of free government money. They’re being disincentivized to stay home.

But at the same time, that’s not necessarily the main problem. What I also see is not necessarily a lack of interest on the employee side, but a lack of giving a shit on the employer side.

I have 50 applicants in about 20 hours, and here’s why. Because I look at these people as humans, not as numbers.

When they reply, I ask things like this, not only “what are you good at, but what do you enjoy?”

Those can be different questions to answer, because I want to find people that know what they’re passionate about. And when you foster a relationship where somebody can embrace the type of work that they’re passionate about, then it’s a win-win situation.

They’re happy, they have more loyalty, and the company is more productive.

In addition to these 50 applicants, in the top-right of the video frame you’ll also see 108 more applications via private message. Why these job listings attract so many applicants is because I talk about what’s important to people nowadays.

COVID has exposed that people don’t have to work for shitty jobs all the time. They don’t have to take minimum wage pay.

I’m not saying I pay anything exceptional, but it’s definitely not minimum wage. More important, I offer a warm environment that these applicants appreciate.

Nowadays people want flexibility.

I understand that not everybody can work at home or the job doesn’t support that opportunity, but maybe that job can offer more flexible hours or flexible days.

I don’t care what days a week my team works. I don’t care what hours in the day they work.

I pay holidays. I pay this, I pay that.

I incentivize things. I pay for free training. I’ll upgrade their computers when they’re working at home.

All these things are really simplistic concepts and they’re not terribly expensive either, but what that earns in return is respect and loyalty. That minimizes turnover, it increases productivity…

All these benefits for just such a little thing, if employers stopped looking at team members as just numbers.

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