There are certain traits that leaders possess that make them the type of person other people are willing to follow. However, these traits aren’t necessarily something that they are born with. If you would like to be a better leader but worry that you lack the right characteristics, don’t get discouraged.  Most leadership traits are developed through time, experience and perseverance.

Traits of Effective Leadership

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Good leaders exemplify the following qualities, which are well worth emulating:

Confident — Good leaders have confidence in themselves and their team. They believe that their team can achieve their goals and accomplish anything. This type of confidence is infectious and breeds confidence in employees.

Decisive — Most people who hold leadership positions are expected to make important decisions as part of their work. Being able to be decisive when it comes to making difficult choices is an important trait. If a leader flip flops back and forth between decisions, it creates doubt and unease in employees. However, a leader who can make the best choice and stick to it will inspire confidence.

FairHonesty and fairness are traits that many employees want their leaders to have. Leaders who have integrity follow the Golden Rule and treat their employees how they would want to be treated.

Supportive — If employees are scared to present new ideas, they aren’t receiving the support that they need from their manager. Good leaders are supportive of their team members as they attempt new projects.  They encourage innovation and help people implement promising ideas and plans. Additionally, good leaders show their support for their team by making them feel safe when they speak up about issues in the workplace. Creating this type of supportive and safe environment will help your team and your business progress to new heights.

Strong communicator — Communication is a critical aspect of leadership. It’s vital that you distribute information in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding, especially when giving direction to employees. Additionally, a good leader will keep their lines of communication open with employees and be willing to answer any questions that may arise.

When a leader has all of these traits, they are able to manage and care for their employees effectively. In return, employees are able to respect and trust their managers and leaders.

If you find yourself in a leadership position but are lacking some of these traits, it’s never too late to begin developing them.

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