5 things I don’t have that shock people

Here are 5 things I don’t have that shock people.

And why I don’t have them…

🚫 Messenger is not installed on my phone

🚫 No email at all on phone

🚫 No email notifications on computer (I check them just once or twice a day to maintain productivity)

🚫 Office phone shuts off at 5

🚫 No phone calls on the weekends either

As much as I love technology, I equally love the real world.

Embrace technology as much as needed for it to benefit you, but as little as needed so it won’t distract you.

Rule technology. Don’t let it rule you.


A lot of contacts are surprised when I tell them that I haven’t provided my cell phone number to a client in 12 years.


I work with big companies that want big results with their search engine optimization. Constant availability does not equal SEO results.

Nothing but results = results.

Don’t work with anyone that has unrealistic expectations of you or your team “needing” to be available 24/7 and taking away from your family time, your downtime, your “me” time.

Granted, this can vary by industry but for me no one but family and friends get my mobile #.

As a lead once told me after providing him my office number instead of cell, “you’re not thaaaaat important.” And he was right.

But my family and time with them is thaaaaat important.

Your life is your life. Design it how you want.

5 things I don’t have that shock people